Self esteem is our attitude towards ourselves based on our self-awareness. So, what I KNOW, and what I THINK and what is my OPINION / BELIEF about myself.

BUT this has to be from ME, not from others. We know too much about ourselves from others. We take for granted what other people say about us.

Ask yourself:

-how important is what others are thinking of me? AND
-how what they are thinking of me affect my self-esteem

So… what can we do about it?

To have a healthy self-esteem you need to:

-know your strengths / talents and appreciate them

-know your weaknesses and accept them (even if you want to change them)- no change is possible from self denial.

Take a piece of paper and do a review of your self-esteem. Yes, you’ve read well, review of your self- esteem. In this quick video I will show you how to do it.