About Me

About Me

I was born and raised in Poland in a highly autocratic household. After completing my A level exams and obtaining a Diploma in Economics, I decided to come to the UK to build a life on my own terms. Now, I live in Chelmsford (Essex) with my fiancé and two dogs.

Two business degrees later (BA Business Management and MA Corporate Governance), and after almost a decade in the financial services sector, I realised that this is not the life I wanted for myself. I had barely any work/life balance, I was dissatisfied with my career, my health was declining, and I even felt guilty about leaving my dogs at home on their own. I didn’t want to pretend I was OK anymore. Something had to give.

Personal development has always been important to me. I knew that if I wanted to make better choices and instigate change, I had to start with myself. At this crucial stage in my life, coaching provided the exact support I needed to think clearly and to get my life back on track.

I’m living proof that coaching can really make all the difference. And now, I want to help people like you take back control, too. I am a fully qualified and International Coaching Federation (ACC ICF) accredited personal development and business coach and I’m about to complete my post graduate diploma in Personal and Life Coaching from University of Chester.

I’ve been on a similar journey to yours. I understand first-hand the challenges that people experience in their homes and within their roles. I worked within a high-pressure environment for many years, so I can particularly identify with people who are in results-orientated careers – but really, I can help anybody who is feeling anxious, overwhelmed and stuck in a rut, whether it be personally, professionally, or a combination of both.

I take a proactive and highly focused approach towards my coaching sessions in Essex and London to help my clients improve their performance and achieve their goals. To get a feel for how I work, check out my FAQs section. You can also visit my Services page to find out more about the coaching sessions I can offer to individuals and corporates. I coach at organisations and clients outside of the workplace.