I was born and raised in Poland in a highly autocratic household. After completing my A levels exams and obtaining a Diploma in Economics, I’ve decided to come to the UK to build a life on my terms. Now, I live in Chelmsford (Essex) with my fiancé and two dogs.

Two business degrees later (BA Business Management and MA Corporate Governance) and almost 10 years spent in Financial Services I realised that this is not the life I wanted for myself, i.e. nearly non-existing work- life balance, decreasing work satisfaction, declining health, constant guilt of dogs being left home on their own… I didn’t want to pretend anymore, something had to give.

With personal development being at the top of my values I always knew that to change my life satisfaction, I will have to start with myself. Coaching provided the exact support I needed to think clearly and to move my life back on track.
Now, I am the International Coaching Federation (the gurus of coaching) Associate Coach and about to complete my Post Graduate Diploma in Personal and Life Coaching from University of Chester.

I understand first hand the challenges and pressures that people experience in their homes and at work. I coach at organisations and clients outside of the work place. I am fascinated by how coaching can help people to transform their lives in a positive and sustainable way. After all I am a living prove of it!

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