Neil Smith

Iwona has been superb throughout our 6 sessions. I’ve never met anyone with the ability to be able to listen intently and question in a way that makes you think about what you have just said with a completely different view. Iwona will pick up on the odd body language nuances that you never knew you had done and she will explore these.

Iwona is the ONLY life coach I have seen that has been able to prove to and show me through self-realisation the progression I made during the six sessions. I never once felt I was judged or made to feel uncomfortable. I was asked questions that I would never ask myself which encouraged me to address things in a positive way and understanding the irrational fear/thoughts were exactly that.

Iwona is very, very good at what she does and I am probably the most sceptical and hardest person to impress there is! I have no qualms in recommending Iwona to anyone. I now have more tools in my pocket and a more positive vibrant outlook ahead of me.

Thank you Iwona, coaches with your ability are rare.

Donna Kelly-Campbell

"I had the pleasure of working with Iwona on a few projects at First Data. It was through this connection that I reached out to her when I saw that she was working towards her PGCert in Business and Personal Coaching. This was an opportunity for me to utilise her skills to regain a sense of direction and work on areas that I felt I was stuck in, but was not sure how to make changes too. Iwona made me feel welcome to each session. I always felt in control and took something positive away. The sessions encouraged a more confident attitude and provided me with the space to build on my personal development. I would highly recommend Iwona. She enabled me to look at behaviours and habits and provided me with the tools to enhance them. Thank you!"

Emmeline Millington-Jones

"Iwona made me feel comfortable from the very first session and she was very easy to get along with. I wanted to work on my self-confidence and anxiety, Iwona certainly helped me with these and I would walk out feeling so much better about myself and my life. Iwona enabled me to understand and deal with a variety of emotions that had been affecting my work and home life. I no longer overthink things and worry, I plan things a lot more than I did which gives me a sense of security and achievement in my life. I highly recommend Iwona, she made me understand a lot about the way I was feeling and I now feel like I can take on anything with the confidence I have gained."

Katie Parmenter

"Iwona’s meetings were very useful, she helped me prioritise what was important in my life, this lead me to organise events in advance with friends/family. I have been able to look at things in a new way and deal with things through a different approach, adapting both my personality and lifestyle which really works!

I met with Iwona to work on my self-confidence and to help me progress into a new position, she has guided me through my job change and encouraged me to feel more confident within my new role. The meetings actually gave me that time to reflect on myself and realise what a way I had come since our first session."

Hari Ravi-Raj

Iwona has been great since we started working together. She hasreally helped me focus on what I want to achieve in my careerand how to get there. Would definitely recommend her!

Jade Chapman

I worked with Iwona for just over 7 months and she made me feel relaxed from the very beginning. When starting my sessions I was only looking to gain confidence within my job role. After a few sessions I began feeling more confident with life in general. She has been a big help to my personal development, I now try not to overthink everything and it makes me feel so much more comfortable. Thank you Iwona!