Vladimir Facuna

I've heard a lot about coaching. Once such an opportunity presented itself at work, I went ahead with the chemistry session with Iwona. From there, I didn't hesitate for a minute to commit to the journey, and I've truly enjoyed all 6 thought-provoking sessions. I now have a better understanding of my priorities, a much better work life-balance and a better clarity of what I want in my life.

Iwona's insightful questions allowed me to think out loud and discuss things I've never thought about before or previously seen them as petty. During coaching sessions I've had several 'AHA' moments, which provided awareness and answers I needed to create better me.

Iwona made me think deeper and change for the better.

Claire Thornley

Following a long and rather difficult personal struggle with anxiety, Iwona and her coaching sessions were recommended to me by a friend. From our very first meeting I understood exactly how the sessions would work, felt completely at ease in her company and felt like I was really be listened to. I was apprehensive at first, believing that after dealing with anxiety for all these years that I would not learn anything new, but I could not have been more wrong. I walked away with something priceless from each and every session, whether it be a skill or practice to help me should I have a panic attack, a different way of viewing things and how to have a more positive outlook on things.

Our sessions spanned much more than anxiety. I discovered there were other things I needed to talk through and the sense of clarity Iwona has given me is something I will be forever grateful for. Iwonas knowledge as well as her listening skills are second to none.

I’m so very grateful I was given the opportunity to work with her and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Richard Waugh

Working with Iwona is fantastic and hugely beneficial to personal growth!

Iwona is incredibly talented and has helped me immensely by providing me all the tools to understand my previous outlook and to help me focus on new goals and perspectives.

Although I am an incredibly private individual I found myself opening up as we delved deeper into root causes in a non-judgmental, calm environment. Being 100% open allowed me to get the most out of my sessions and really tackle some difficult topics which I had kept buried.

I am now a much more positive, focused, driven individual with a new feeling of self-worth. As a testament to the output of our sessions I have started the new year with a new job on a different career path and I couldn’t be happier!

Thank you Iwona

Sarah McIntyre

Iwona has been a delight to work with over the past few months. She has really helped me focus on my own personal developments. My confidence in my ability to do things had been knocked massively over the past few years and Iwona helped me rediscover my inner confidence and ways of improving this all of the time. I now look at things differently and thoroughly enjoyed highlighting all of the positives and working on removing the negatives in my life. This has helped me focus better on my well being and my career. Thank you Iwona

Neil Smith

Iwona has been superb throughout our 6 sessions. I’ve never met anyone with the ability to be able to listen intently and question in a way that makes you think about what you have just said with a completely different view. Iwona will pick up on the odd body language nuances that you never knew you had done and she will explore these.

Iwona is the ONLY life coach I have seen that has been able to prove to and show me through self-realisation the progression I made during the six sessions. I never once felt I was judged or made to feel uncomfortable. I was asked questions that I would never ask myself which encouraged me to address things in a positive way and understanding the irrational fear/thoughts were exactly that.

Iwona is very, very good at what she does and I am probably the most sceptical and hardest person to impress there is! I have no qualms in recommending Iwona to anyone. I now have more tools in my pocket and a more positive vibrant outlook ahead of me.

Thank you Iwona, coaches with your ability are rare.

Lee Hobbs

When I was approached about coaching sessions, we had just entered lockdown and I had just started working from home so was finding it difficult to adjust. I knew a few of my colleagues had worked successfully with Iwona in the past and their feedback made it a no brainer. I was not sure what to expect or what I was even hoping to gain from the experience but from the first session Iwona made me feel comfortable and I knew that I had made the right choice. Each session was structured very well, although at the time I was not always sure what the reasoning was for certain tasks, when I look back after the final session it all made sense. 100% would recommend to anyone!

Donna Kelly-Campbell

"I had the pleasure of working with Iwona on a few projects at First Data. It was through this connection that I reached out to her when I saw that she was working towards her PGCert in Business and Personal Coaching. This was an opportunity for me to utilise her skills to regain a sense of direction and work on areas that I felt I was stuck in, but was not sure how to make changes too. Iwona made me feel welcome to each session. I always felt in control and took something positive away. The sessions encouraged a more confident attitude and provided me with the space to build on my personal development. I would highly recommend Iwona. She enabled me to look at behaviours and habits and provided me with the tools to enhance them. Thank you!"

Renata Glowacka

Iwona is a fantastic Performance Coach. During every session we discovered new layers to transform my life. She's not only a coach but a truly passionate, honest, caring woman. She's fully dedicated and supportive. Always well prepared and friendly. Her very precise questions always took me out from the noise in my head and helped to reveal what is important to me. I'm very thankful for her guidance to achieve a balanced way of living.

Leanne Johnson

I approached Iwona about life coaching sessions after hearing really amazing reviews from a friend. Her sessions are structured really well which helps you get a clear vision of what you want to get out of each session, but equally she was open to me letting the session go where it naturally needed to if we wanted to explore certain subjects.

Iwona really helped me get a clearer understanding of what is important to me within a job and life, how to balance work/life that bit better and also to keep my priorities at the forefront of my mind to ensure I am happy. If you are debating having a session with Iwona, don’t hesitate, she is absolutely amazing at what she does and I cannot thank her enough for all her great help.

Emmeline Millington-Jones

"Iwona made me feel comfortable from the very first session and she was very easy to get along with. I wanted to work on my self-confidence and anxiety, Iwona certainly helped me with these and I would walk out feeling so much better about myself and my life. Iwona enabled me to understand and deal with a variety of emotions that had been affecting my work and home life. I no longer overthink things and worry, I plan things a lot more than I did which gives me a sense of security and achievement in my life. I highly recommend Iwona, she made me understand a lot about the way I was feeling and I now feel like I can take on anything with the confidence I have gained."

Katie Parmenter

"Iwona’s meetings were very useful, she helped me prioritise what was important in my life, this lead me to organise events in advance with friends/family. I have been able to look at things in a new way and deal with things through a different approach, adapting both my personality and lifestyle which really works!

I met with Iwona to work on my self-confidence and to help me progress into a new position, she has guided me through my job change and encouraged me to feel more confident within my new role. The meetings actually gave me that time to reflect on myself and realise what a way I had come since our first session."

Jade Chapman

I worked with Iwona for just over 7 months and she made me feel relaxed from the very beginning. When starting my sessions I was only looking to gain confidence within my job role. After a few sessions I began feeling more confident with life in general. She has been a big help to my personal development, I now try not to overthink everything and it makes me feel so much more comfortable. Thank you Iwona!