This the environment that we create for yourself when we learn new skills (doesn’t matter if it’s DYI, cooking, or IT related):
• We want to see spectacular results straight away
• Instead of focusing on small improvements, we dwell on our mistakes/ errors
• We blame ourselves for not improving quickly enough
• We often give up after few attempts and say ‘this is not for me’
• We don’t look for support/ ask for help

This is the environment that we create for kids:
• We constantly encourage them to try again if they don’t succeed at the beginning
• We cheer for them and cheer for them even at the smallest sight of improvement
• We don’t expect big results sickly
• We urge them not to give up trying
• We explain to them that the progress takes time and repetition

So why are we self sabotaging our results by doing totally opposite to ourselves?

Watch this short video to see if you can relate to the provided examples and what can you do about, so next time you try to learn something- you don’t stand in your own way… or stand a bit less.