Has it ever happened to you that you bought a new outfit, maybe a dress or a top and all of the sudden you saw people on the street wearing the very same cloths?

Or maybe a car- this happened to me- we bought a car in quite unique (at least that what I’ve thought at the time) shade of red- and the same day we’ve seen 3 other cars in that very same colour. From then on we’ve seen hundreds of them on the roads.

So what has happened? Were those things there the whole time? If so, why haven’t we’ve noticed them before???

Do you know it is not an accident and that it is our brain that is responsible for it ... AND without knowing how it happens- it may trip you over if you are not careful?

Let me explain how it works, without getting too techy (aka boing). All these 'coincidences' I’ve told you about are caused by the part of a brain called RAS- Reticular Activated System (RAS). All you need to remember is that RAS works as a filter and it focuses exclusively upon anything relevant to what we currently deem important.

This is why after getting an outfit or a car we notice it everywhere- it’s not that they weren’t there before- of course they were- but our brain knew it wasn’t important at the time – so decided not to bother us with this information, it DELETED IT.

It makes sense as we are bombarded with a massive amount of information every day- there has to be some sort of filter for us to process only things that matter- but there is a risk associated with it.
Watch this short video to see what it is and how can you deal with it.