I offer bespoke in person and online coaching programs to enhance leadership, effective communication, better time and focus management and team culture in your organisation.

Coaching in organisations is designed to help your teams and managers to learn, grow, communicate and lead from a more self aware and informed place. This creates a structure for achieving personal goals as well as the delivery of the organisational results at your workplace.

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What people say about working with me?

“I've heard a lot about coaching. Once such an opportunity presented itself at work, I went ahead with the chemistry session with Iwona. From there, I didn't hesitate for a minute to commit to the journey, and I've truly enjoyed all 6 thought-provoking sessions. I now have a better understanding of my priorities, a much better work life-balance and a better clarity of what I want in my life. Iwona's insightful questions allowed me to think out loud and discuss things I've never thought about before or previously seen them as petty. During coaching sessions I've had several 'AHA' moments, which provided awareness and answers I needed to create better me.”

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