If you’ve ever attended any time management training, the changes are that you have been introduced to the concept of Urgent vs Important. In a nutshell, the idea is that urgent tasks are not always important, and that the important activities are not necessary urgent.

The deciding factor while making decision as to what has to be done first and what needs to wait is the IMPORTANCE. The issue is that we often spending the vast majority of our time doing the URGENT things- often not even from our agenda.

The same principle applies at home, when you deciding on what activities you will spend your personal time.

So…. Are you doing things that are urgent or things that important? Let’s check…

We all know that heath is IMPORTANT. It is important to:
-eat well
-provides your body with sufficient and good quality sleep
-make routine blood checks

Are you doing these things systematically? No? But, we’ve just said that health is IMPORTANT. So what is going on?

The answer is simple- these things are not done because they are not urgent- and we are usually doing the urgent stuff- not what is important.

After all, nothing bad will happen if you don’t get that blood test done tomorrow, or next week- but tomorrow never comes, some more urgent things appear and the important tasks are being pushed to the side. We are assuming that as there is no deadline- they can be postponed with no consequences.

How can we change it? You need to get the clarity of what matters to you- what is IMPORTANT- and what is a noise that distracts you.

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