If you are stuck in the forest and you cannot see three marks- would standing still help you find it? NO!

You need to move around, start walking, look around. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHICH WAY YOU’LL WONDER, at some point you will find the three mark. So when you are stuck in any other situation in your life, don’t worry you will do the wrong thing.

But what do we do?
We are unhappy about about our jobs, and yet- we stay for years in it
We have no time to ourselves, but we are not changing what and how we do it
We are being doormat, but we are not setting boundaries with people
We are not satisfied with the way we look, but we are talking ourselves from making changes

Because we don’t know where to start, because we are focusing on the obstacles that we may meet, the consequences of possibly bad move and that we don’t have the 100% certainty that what we are about to do is the best thing.

So we think about it, and then we think so more. The issue is that thinking is making us feel overwhelmed. Thinking will never give you sense of control, action will!

So, think about the area that you would like to improve in your life, something that you have enough of, maybe:
Not having time for yourself
Not being as confident as you’d like
Not liking what you see in the mirror

Now, think what is the very next step you can make in that direction. If that next steps makes you feel overwhelmed, it’s a sign it’s too big and you need to shrink it further.

It could be something like:
Phoning your friend who got results you are seeking
Watching educational video on YouTube
Researching what qualification you need for the job you really want
Signing to a webinar
De-clutering single drawer
Going for a walk

Lack of movement and action is a progress killer. Give yourself permission to experiment, test out to be able to find the ‘three marks’ you are looking for.