Some of us wasting the time self-sabotaging the results due to low self-esteem. Unintentionally and unwarily we work really hard to keep our self-belief real low.

I would like to encourage you to write your own Job Reference to look at yourself in a different light, after all- usually we ask somebody else to do it for us!

Take a piece of paper and pen, write your name at the top of the page and complete the following 5 sections:

  1. Her/ His Greatest Personal Qualities (min 5)
  2. Her/ His Greatest Professional Qualities (min 5)
  3. What words do you use to describe her/him? (min 5)
  4. You can have total confidence in her/him because… (finish the sentence).
  5. During the last 2 years she/he managed to… (finish the sentence).

Watch this quick video to see how correctly complete this exercise and to see examples for each section.