Sometimes, especially in pandemic, but not only- we can feel:
-out of balance
-like no matter what we do is never good enough
-like we are just a passenger and somebody else is in the driver’s seat.

That’s absolutely normal, we all have days like this. The key is not to stay in this mind-set for too long.

Ask yourself on a daily basis and write the answers down:

  1. What am I grateful for today? (working from home, my fiends, being able to pay bills)
  2. What 3 things I’ve done well today? (cooked dinner, phoned my mum, went for a walk)

Try this for 2 weeks and see what changes for you.

If you feel out of balance, and would like to learn sustainable way to deal with it, let’s have a 1-2-1 taster session- contact me on 07542 541018 or to arrange.

All the best!