Are you looking at your to-do list on a piece of paper or up in your head and you think “everything is important”?
Saying that everything’s important is just an excuse, because you didn’t work on figuring out what matters to you. But don’t worry- this video got you covered.

I will give you 3 steps to find out what your priorities are:

  1. You need to know your vision.
  2. Ask yourself what would be the consequences of NOT COMPLETING the particular task?
  3. Ask yourself whether you can delegate? Are you the only one who can complete this task? Can somebody else do it instead of you?

If you still have problem with setting your priorities think about a particular task in the concept of YES/ NO system. So… what are you saying NO to, by saying YES to this particular task? For example- if I have £30 by saying YES to going to the cinema, I am saying NO to dining out.

The same applies to your time- If you are saying YES to cleaning the house in the evening, what are you saying NO to? Maybe spending quality time with your kids? Or to reading a book? Or differently- If I say NO to going out with people that I don’t really like that much- what else could I be doing instead- I.e. what else would I be saying YES to.

To summarise, when you are trying to set your priorities you need to:

Check if the task is taking you closer of further way from achieving your goals

Evaluate the consequences of NOT COMPLETING each task

Check whether you can delegate particular task?

If you are having difficulties clarifying your goals and the vision or priorities and you would like some assistance, so that you can manage your time effectively – please drop ma line – my e-mail address is Iwona@mechcoaching

Wish you all the best
Until the next time