Quite often I hear from clients that their self- esteem is rather low. What worries me, is that they seem to think that self-esteem is something that you either have or you don’t- not realising that this is like a muscle- you can grow it. And the same as with growing muscles- you need time to see effects.

Complete the below 3 exercises over the 6 weeks to increase your self-confidence.

Exercise no.1: List of your achievements

Make a list of things that you’ve manage to accomplished in your life, for example:
- I’ve passed my driving test
- I’ve learnt foreign language
- I’m a great cook
- I have a university degree
- I gave birth to 2 kids
- I have the same group of close friends for last 10 years

Once you have a list of your top 10-15 accomplishments, read it at loud once a day.

Exercise no.2: Be grateful for yourself
Start from taking 1 minute every morning and say either at load or in your hard:
-thank you for being tall/ short
-thank you for my blue eyes
-thank you for having functioning limbs
-thank you for my hair

And you don’t have to focus on your physical aspects only, you can add something like:
-  thank you for my loud laughter that makes other people laugh too
- thank you for being so determined, which allows me to get through tough times

When you are thanking for simple things- the biochemistry in your brain changes and you are starting to get out from the negativity and you are creating much more positive outlook.

Remember- where focus goes energy flows - if you start spending more time in the state of gratefulness, you limit the time and the energy spent on the things that bring you down.

Exercise no.3: Set boundaries

You will think better about yourself if you won’t be taken advantage off and used.

Remember that if you won’t have a vision for your life- other people will. This is crucial in building your inner strength, your confidence, your self-esteem.

Learn to say ‘No’

Start saying:
“I don’t want to do it…’
“I don’t want to do it like this….’
‘I would like such as such to be this way…’

The ability to decide about your life will massively increases your self-esteem.

If you know anybody who is suffering from low self-esteem or could do with their spirit and self-belief being elevated- please share this video.

Let’s make sure that more people think better of themselves and like themselves more, especially now when there are not many deep relationships- it would be nice to be your own best friend.

If you think that you would benefit from 1-2-1 session with me to work together on increasing your self-confidence- I will love to hear from you. My email address is iwona@mechcoachingservices.com

All the best and
Until the next time