Have you ever been in a situation, where you haven’t responded they way you wanted as your emotions- anger, frustration or irritation took over? Or maybe you knew you have to have a difficult conversation with your husband/ mother/ boss – so you put it off multiple times.

Perhaps when things are not going your way, for example:
• Co-worker didn’t do their job
• You can’t find the TV remote
• The webpage doesn’t refresh quickly enough
• Your child asking you the same question for the 5th time

…you lose your composure, you are being short with people, maybe yelling at them or maybe even throwing the remote control across the room?

If any of the above sounds familiar, I think we can agree that reacting in such way does not help either you or people around you. Don’t you think that it would be useful to have under your belt a technique to deal with difficult emotions so that you can use it and react more appropriately next time.

Using just this one thing this video shows, you will see improvements very quickly.

All the best!