In this short video I will share with you how to make saying ‘No’ to people easier.
A quick checklist first… let’s see if it sounds familiar?

• You feel responsible for upsetting people or for disappointing them when you say “No” to them

• You often feel taken advantage of

• You regularly agree to things you later regret

• You apologise often

• You give in to an emotional blackmail

If you think that some of the above, or all of them apply to you- yes- you are a people pleaser.

Ask yourself what are re getting from pleasing other people.

Does it increase your self-esteem?

Do you feel like a part of a team?

Are you expecting that they will do the same for you?

There is nothing wrong in doing something nice for people and making the effort.
I am not discouraging you to do so. This is probably what makes you a nice person.

I am simply asking whether by doing so you are compromising your integrity.

If you don’t want to feel guilty or frustrated because of your issue with saying ’No’, watch this short video to the end to find out how how can you change your communication style to achieve just that.

Until the next time!