Coaching doesn’t work, right? After all, how somebody who doesn’t know my life, my situation, my history, what I’ve been through know what questions to ask to help me move on and get better results, right?

I will show you in a minute just how. You will have a mini coaching session for free. I will show you how, without knowing anything about you, a coach still can prompt some problem solving thinking. Please think about an area in your life you want to progress on. Maybe you want:
- a pay rise at work
- change jobs
- increase your self-esteem
- have more time for yourself
- improve a difficult relationship?

Now, answer the following questions.

1.What do you want (exactly)?
2. How will you know you have it?
3. How will achieving it benefit you?
4. What have you tried already to get it?
5. What can you try now?
6. What obstacles can you meet?
7. What support/ resources do you have available to you?
8. What more do you need?
9. How can you get it?
10. Looking back at Q5- which one looks the most attractive to you?
11. What is the first step towards it?
12. When exactly will you do that?
13. What can get in your way? Be specific
14. What can you do to overcome this?
15. How committed are you towards that first step (0-10)?
16. How can you keep yourself accountable?

How was I able to ask you questions without knowing the answers to your issue? Even better, I didn’t even know the issue!
Now think how much more effective the process is when coach can hear the answers, spot the patterns of behaviour/ responses, pick up your non-verbal communication, your body language?

This is why people who has a coach get better results, because they have somebody who is helping looking them to think about the issue differently to get different results, to support them in creating sustainable strategies that are not another sticky plaster.

If you would like to check for yourself, please get in touch to arrange a free, confidential and non-obligatory conversation about what you are trying to change and what support you are looking for.